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A jumpstart towards growth: $30,000 awarded in Jumpstart Grants

Fundraising is vital for nonprofits but can become daunting without the necessary resources. Central Carolina Community Foundation’s Jumpstart Grant combats these challenges by fostering organizations’ fundraising efforts through Bonterra’s yearlong program.

Within the framework of the Jumpstart program, Bonterra, a social good technology company, provides the Network for Good donor management software technology to enhance organizations’ fundraising efforts.

In addition, the nonprofits receive semimonthly one-on-one fundraising coaching sessions, monthly webinars, and fundraising template plans.

Over $30,000 was awarded to nine organizations for the 2024 fiscal year; six began the program, and three renewed for a second year.

We asked three grantees—two new recipients and one renewal—about the grant’s impact on their organizations.

New Jumpstart grantees:

What do you hope to learn from the program, its technology, and one-on-one coaching? 

We hope to learn to use technology to boost donations and keep donors returning. The one-on-one coaching is exciting as it promises insights into fundraising strategies and campaign building. – Rhonda Bush, Girl Get Up Society

We hope to secure an affordable and intuitive platform like Bonterra as an ongoing communication and process management tool. – Valarie Byrd, National Coalition for 100 Black Women, Inc.

How will the Jumpstart grant change the scope of your fundraising? 

This grant is a game-changer. With improved tools, we’ll be able to organize data better, connect more personally with donors, and launch more extensive, targeted campaigns. It’s a big step forward for us. – Rhonda Bush, Girl Get Up Society

As a small nonprofit with 100% unpaid volunteers, we will improve our strategic planning components, stay connected with our donors throughout the year, and be able to incorporate more technology without a significant financial investment. – Valarie Byrd, National Coalition for 100 Black Women, Inc.

How has it felt to receive this grant?

It feels like a vote of confidence in our mission. Knowing that the Community Foundation believes in our work and is investing in our growth brings us immense joy and gratitude. – Rhonda Bush, Girl Get Up Society

This grant has motivated our members to continue advocating and supporting the community. It has also increased the exposure of our organization’s impact on the community. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity. – Valarie Byrd, National Coalition for 100 Black Women, Inc.

Renewed Jumpstart grantees:

How did the grant improve your fundraising?

We applied for the Jumpstart grant last year out of the desire to increase unrestricted funding. For the last few years, we have focused heavily on grants, not donor engagement. As the director leading these efforts, it has forced our agency to be more intentional. Through Bonterra’s coaching, we analyzed our organization’s unique needs, crafted donor profiles, and created a practical 30th-anniversary fundraising campaign. – Meredith Talford, Fact Forward

What does this grant mean to Fact Forward?

With philanthropy and development ever-changing, we still needed this level of support, even after 30 years of being established. We were incredibly pleased that the Community Foundation was willing to invest in us and do so again for our grant renewal. – Meredith Talford, Fact Forward