The African American Philanthropy Committee (AAPC) convened for the first time in March 2019. The committee promotes, increases, and supports philanthropy in the Black communities throughout the Midlands.

Committee Members: Felecia Rhue Howard (Co-Chair), Kara Simmons (Co-Chair), Rachel Bourke, Anita Garrett, John Gethers, Pastor Carey Grady, Kyle Greene, Lauren Greene, Jackie Griffin, Pat Hudson, David Pendergrass, Jennifer Clyburn Reed,  and Ashley Thomas.


AAPC’s purpose is twofold:

  1. To redefine the philanthropic narrative in our community through education efforts focused on educating donors of all races on ways to invest in the Black community.
  2. To impact the sustainability and growth of black-led and black-serving nonprofits in our community by serving as a resource hub for black-led and black-serving nonprofit organizations.

Black Philanthropy Month

August is Black Philanthropy Month! Each year we partner with local organizations to celebrate all month long through events and stories.

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Jackie Copeland-Carson and Pan-African Women’s Philanthropy Network, the initiative encompasses self-organized events, community dialogue, and charitable giving across the nation.

Community members can follow the national conversation via social media by following #BPM2020. Find other BPM events here.