How did Central Carolina Community Foundation start?

Formed in 1984 with $25,000 seed money, the Foundation began to grow, hiring its first full-time, paid executive director in 1987. In 1988, Evan and Cindy Nord made a $1 million challenge gift to the Foundation that helped raise another $1 million from the community. The Foundation awarded its first grants in 1989 — 17 grants totaling $100,000. Since then, the Foundation has served as a catalyst for philanthropic growth and has invested more than $91 million in the community thanks to our generous and dedicated donors.

How is the Community Foundation funded?

The operations and initiatives of the Foundation are funded primarily by the administrative fees applied to each fundholder’s account and the generous unrestricted gifts we receive from the community. 

What areas does the Community Foundation serve?

We serve the following 11 counties in the Midlands of South Carolina: Calhoun, Clarendon, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lee, Lexington, Newberry, Orangeburg, Richland, Saluda and Sumter.

How can I support Central Carolina Community Foundation directly?

Gifts of cash, securities and other assets can be made directly to the Community Foundation in order to support the full range of our activities and grantmaking. Anyone who wishes to give to the Foundation can do so, even if that person chooses not to establish a fund with us. Online gifts can be made via credit card.

How will my fund be managed?

The investments are managed in compliance with our investment policy, which reflects compliance with state and national laws, our view of the financial marketplace, and our responsibility to protect and grow principal while providing for annual distributions. Put simply, our investment goals are:

  • Meet or exceed inflation plus 5.5%.
  • Meet or exceed the policy index on risk adjusted basis.
  • Perform well against our peer group.

The balance of all endowment funds is invested in a pool, which is managed by institutional funds managers selected by the Foundation in a competitive proposal process. Our oversight of managers is rigorous. We monitor performance against the requirements and goals of our investment policy.

What are the advantages of establishing a fund with the Community Foundation?

Establishing a fund with the Foundation has many advantages over setting up a private foundation, including special tax benefits, freedom from the administrative burdens and expenses involved in maintaining a private foundation and professional investment management for endowed funds. Additionally, fundholders retain flexibility in their grantmaking and have access to the knowledge and experience of Foundation staff.

How does the Legacy Society work?

The Legacy Society was created to honor those who have committed to helping us meet the future needs of the community by including charitable gifts to the Foundation in their estates. If you are interested in becoming part of the Legacy Society, our staff can connect you with information about estate planning and resources to assist in the estate planning process. If you have already included a gift to the Foundation in your estate plans, please notify Heather Sherwin at heather@yourfoundation.org or 803.254.5601 x331.

Can family members and friends contribute to the fund I establish?

Yes, anyone can make a gift to your fund. This can be done online through our secure website, by mail or via a transfer of securities or other assets.

How can I check the balance of my fund?

Fundholders may request their fund balance at any time, by completing this form or calling our office at 803.254.5601.

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