A Respected Fiduciary You Can Trust

We take our responsibility to carefully manage and invest our donor’s assets seriously in order to meet their philanthropic goals today and into the future.


Generous giving and prudent investing have increased your Community Foundation's assets from $25,000 in 1984 to over $200 million today.

Central Carolina Community Foundation is the steward for all funds housed at the Foundation. Our Board of Trustees has the ultimate fiduciary responsibility for our organization and entrusts the Investment Committee with ensuring all assets invested are consistent with the policies and objectives of the Foundation.

We invest our assets prudently to ensure grants can be made to address current community needs, while also preserving and increasing the assets for future generations of grantmaking.

  • 8.84% our ten year return net of fees under the guidance of our investment advisory team at Vanguard *As of June 30, 2021.

  • Our fees have dropped from 29.0 basis points (0.29%) to 15.2 (0.152%) today over a ten year period *As of June 30, 2021.

Financial Reporting

Download the Foundation’s most recent filed IRS Form 990s and other publicly available financials:

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