Strategic Plan

Every three years, our board and staff develop our strategic plan, designed to set the Foundation's strategic agenda and inform everything we do at our Foundation.

Our 2017- 2019 Strategic Plan draws upon the work we've done since 2014 -- encouraging people to embrace philanthropy through Midlands Gives, improving our region's quality of life through our Connected Communities grant initiatives and providing a platform for neighbors to help neighbors with the One SC Disaster Fund

Click here to download a PDF copy of our strategic plan.

Our new plan includes four strategic goals:

1. Increase our impact in the Midlands of South Carolina

We will Serve and Amaze our fundholders in order to increase the impact of their philanthropy and increase the Foundation's grantmaking. By increasing our levels of service, demonstrating our knowledge of community needs and engaging our fundholders in impactful initiatives we will increase our impact.

2. Be the Preferred Vehicle for Philanthropy

We will increase the Foundation's capacity to meet the charitable giving needs of donors throughout the Midlands. Building our capacity (e.g. understanding, credibility and reach) will allow us to connect with a more diverse geographic and demographic audience. These connections will result in a broad based family of fundholders and a diverse base of individuals who support our work.

3. Be a Learning Organization

We will increase our effectiveness by benchmarking and adopting best practices in our industry. The Community Foundation network provides tremendous resources for our staff and board raging from technology recommendations to board and fundholder engagement strategies and practices.

4. Engage 100% of Trustees in actively supporting the work of the Foundation

Our Board of Trustees' support is critical to our foundation's success. In order to achieve our mission and vision and uphold our core values, our organization must be led by a board that demonstrates leadership, advocacy and best in class governance. To do this, a full-time Governance/Nominating Committee will develop a menu of engagement activities and a system to track and monitor the activities.

Stories of Philanthropy