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Adding Meaning to Life: The Importance of Community Involvement and Family Philanthropy

Committed to both her work and her community, Beth Richardson is a top-rated attorney at Robinson Gray Stepp & Laffitte and a member of the Central Carolina Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

“Being an active volunteer in our community is a privilege and source of personal fulfillment,” Beth reflects. “CCCF has a tremendous reputation for being the leader of philanthropy in the Midlands, and it just seemed like a wonderful organization to team up with and place my heart.”

Beth’s drive to continue her civic-mindedness at the Foundation has led to her involvement in On the Table conversations, fostering family philanthropy, and joining the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

“I have participated in On the Table as a host at my law firm and as a guest of other events. When folks step out of their daily routines, gather with people whom they may or may not know, and talk about important and salient issues to people in our community, rewarding personal connections are forged or fostered and very good things for our community can follow.”

Along with her efforts to gather and discuss pivotal issues with members of her community, Beth has also focused on fostering philanthropy within her family. Beth shares the Foundation’s belief that family philanthropy is a meaningful thing for families to be involved in at any level.

“Getting together with your children to volunteer with deeds or financial contributions brings you closer to your children and them to each other. Family philanthropy provides points in time that the family can look back on and remember, whether you donate your time or choose to donate funds to a particular cause, and these experiences can add a lot of meaning to family life.”

It is important to stress that family philanthropy is something that can be cultivated in many ways. Coming together to volunteer, collectively choosing organizations to donate to, or setting up a donor fund are some of the ways to do so.

After the passing of her father, Raymond F. Burke, Beth established a donor advised fund with her children through the Foundation in his honor “The Raymond F. Burke Giving Fund.” Through this Fund, Beth has been able to discuss philanthropy and important community needs with her children, while simultaneously learning what is important to them in the decision-making process. The Fund has also been a vehicle to remember and honor the legacy of Beth’s father and the children’s grandfather.

To learn more about how CCCF can help you with your charitable giving, contact Michelle Hardy, Vice President for Advancement.