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Aflac Power Hour Spotlight: Cancer of Many Colors

Cancer of Many Colors is a nonprofit organization based in Lexington, South Carolina. Since its founding in 2014, Cancer of Many Colors, also known as CMC, has dedicated itself to helping local cancer survivors with their daily living expenses and emergency needs. The organization was a lucky winner of an Aflac Power Hour Prize during this year’s Midlands Gives Day. To learn more about the organization and how they will use the funds from the prize, we interviewed the founder of CMC, Paulette Criscione.

What is the mission of Cancer of Many Colors?

Cancer of Many Colors, CMC, takes the stewardship of the public’s trust very seriously, and with the continued dedication of the community, the organization is growing and aspires to be a significant resource in South Carolina. We are working with like-minded organizations and individuals to build awareness and financial resources that will aid patients in the local communities that we serve through our Small Gift Program.

How can those in the community get involved with your organization?

There are several ways that the community can give back to Cancer of Many Colors. People can donate to their local county of choice directly from our website. Anyone interested in joining our group of local volunteers should send us an email at [email protected]. A great and easy way to get involved is to follow us on social media and help share our story.

What individual’s story stands out to you and shows the impact of your organization?

We are always excited to receive communication back from patients that we have helped. Sharing one of our recent testimonials from a woman we have helped, Ms. Lee, will explain the impact we have on the many we help:

“I wanted to take time to say thank you for all that you have done for me. It may seem little to some, but to me, it is everything. Having breast cancer isn’t easy, especially when all the bills pile up and trying to keep up with all the medicine you have to purchase and the food you need to eat and drink. Things get a little out of hand where you can’t pay for anything. Even buying food gets hard. I cried many nights, praying for help just so I could breathe. Cancer of Many Colors did just that. They paid my biggest bill, which God heard my cry. I work as many days as my body allows. I thank God for the opportunity to breathe. Every day is a struggle to survive, but today I can breathe. Thank you and Bless you!”

How will the funds from the Aflac Power Hour Prize benefit your organization?

The Aflac Power Hour Prize will be used to support our Small Gift Program to cancer patients who are receiving active treatment residing in South Carolina. Our goal is to continue to serve the counties we work in now while we work to expand CMC across the state. The Aflac Power Hour Prize will allow us to focus our time and resources on expanding into the more rural and impoverished counties with high cancer rates, including Bamberg, Clarendon, Dillon, Lee, Marlboro, Richland, and Williamsburg counties. The Aflac Prize will allow us to do this while we continue to build the foundation.

The Community Foundation is proud to partner with Aflac through the In Good Company Network. Aflac is proud to be a vital part of the communities its team members call home.

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