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Aflac Power Hour Spotlight: The Therapy Place

The Therapy Place has benefited by fundraising through Midlands Gives for many years. This year, the organization won an Aflac Power Hour Prize. We interviewed Dawn Darby, executive director of The Therapy Place, to learn more about the organization and how the Aflac Power Hour Prize will impact them.

What is the mission of The Therapy Place?

The organization’s mission is to provide traditional and innovative therapies and recreational opportunities for children with special needs in an environment that is family-friendly, as well as resources and education for their parents or caregivers. The Therapy Place has been carrying out its vision of providing all children with special needs opportunities to pursue their goals, realize their dreams, and reach their full potential for over ten years in the Midlands.

How many children does The Therapy Place serve?

The Therapy Place serves over 120 children each week.

What child’s story stands out to you and shows the impact of your organization?

The Therapy Place is the only provider of the TheraSuit Method in South Carolina, consisting of intensive physical therapy for three hours per day, five days per week, and continues for three weeks. One child who greatly benefitted from the TheraSuit Method is Jay. When he came to The Therapy Place in 2018, Jay’s cerebral palsy affected his speech and motor skills. Having to receive most nutrition out of a feeding tube and not being able to walk on his own, Jay received a variety of therapies and the TheraSuit Method. He now receives most of his nutrition through table food and can walk independently.

How will the funds from the Aflac Power Hour Prize benefit your organization?

The prize money, along with the other funds raised through Midlands Gives, is being used to resurface The Therapy Place’s existing playground by adding a smooth, seamless, and rubberized surface. This new surface will allow all of our children to access the playground, moving around more independently and socializing with their peers as they choose.

The Community Foundation is proud to partner with Aflac through the In Good Company Network. Aflac is proud to be a vital part of each of the communities its team members call home.

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