At a Glance

Central Carolina Community Foundation brought On The Table to the Midlands in 2018. This offered community members a conversation-based, community-focused opportunity to gather together for meaningful conversations and discuss what’s great about our community and how we can make it even better. On the Table participants were excited and passionate about the fresh, innovative ideas to work together and improve our communities. To help these ideas become a reality, the Community Foundation launched Beyond the Table grants.

Beyond the Table Grants

Beyond the Table grants offer up to $4,000 to organizations, groups and individuals with a fiscal sponsorship who are interested in building community and taking action in the 11 counties of the Midlands. Grant proposal must address an identified need based on a community discussion with at least four (4) community members.

Eligible Activities

Beyond the Table grants should be developed based on a need identified by the community. The project should be developed through intentional conversations with at least four community members who are educated on and impacted by this identified need. Please note, on the application you will be asked to provide a list of community members who participated in these discussions. 

Evaluation Criteria

Proposed projects will be scored based on their ability to positively impact the community. Proposed projects should:

  • Clearly identify the community need based on a community discussion
  • Be collaborative, solution-focused, inclusive and innovative in their approach in leveraging assets to impact the community
  • Focus on a specific location or audience
  • Be easily actionable (given your resources) and completed by December 2022
  • Clearly identify partners and their specific roles on the project
  • Have a defined goal with outcomes that can be easily measured (quantifiable)
  • Generate outcomes beyond the life of the grant

Examples of Non-Eligible Activities

  • Routine operating expenses of an organization
  • Grants to individuals without a fiscal sponsor
  • Fundraising projects—including events
  • Debt reduction
  • Endowment or capital campaigns
  • Religious activities that serve only the members of a single congregation or solely promote a particular faith
  • Medical research
  • Individual conference registrations
  • Costs associated with the creation of starting a new nonprofit organization
  • Completed projects or proposals that have already begun implementation
  • Certifications and tuition fees

Eligibility Requirements

  • Nonprofit organizations (in good standing under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code), government entities, educational institutions, faith-based organizations, and individuals with a fiscal sponsor are eligible to apply.
  • Organizations or groups must be physically located in one of the following 11 counties in the Midlands: Calhoun, Clarendon, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lee, Lexington, Newberry, Orangeburg, Richland, Saluda, and Sumter

Grant Amount

The Community Foundation will award up to $20,000 in grants.

Organizations can request up to $4,000.

Note: The Community Foundation acknowledges general costs are associated with operating a nonprofit. As such, grantees may allocate up to 15% of their grant award for general and administrative costs (i.e. overhead or indirect costs).

2022 Timeline

  • March 1 – Application Opens
  • March 30 – Application Closes
  • May 16 – Applicants notified of Application Status
  • June 1 – Project Starts
  • December 1 – Project Ends
  • December 15 – Final Report Due

Apply for a Grant

Please note: Mailed, Emailed, Faxed, or Hand-Delivered Applications will not be accepted.


Review Process

Applications will be reviewed by the Beyond the Table Grant Committee of Central Carolina Community Foundation. This committee is composed of community leaders, including On the Table Planning Committee members and Community Foundation trustees. Final funding decisions are approved by the CCCF Board of Trustees. Declinations will be emailed.