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Recognizing the Unsung Heroes

October 31, 2016

In the Midlands, Love Where You Live, Making a Difference

We're proud to partner with Columbia Metropolitan Magazine each year to honor our community's unsung heros with the Best of Philanthropy Awards. It is our pleasure to introduce Henry and Emily Clay, publishers and founders of the magazine, as guest writters to our blog. 

 Recognizing the Unsung Heroes

by Henry and Emily Clay

Columbia Metropolitan Magazine takes great pleasure in presenting the 7th Annual Best of Philanthropy Awards in the November issue. Partnering with the Central Carolina Community Foundation, we will honor several individuals who tirelessly serve the Columbia and Midlands community at our annual event on Nov. 10 at 701 Whaley.

Columbia is a remarkable city and for several reasons. It is the home of our state government and the University of South Carolina. It is experiencing solid business growth and expansion, but in our eyes the primary reason that Columbia is special is its sense of community. The response to the flood this past year was a testament to the level of care we feel for one another. Although the flood was a graphic example of this, other acts of care take place day after day by individuals and organizations that you never hear about. These folks are driven by an overwhelming desire to help those in need and never expect to be recognized.

Seven years ago Columbia Metropolitan and the Central Carolina Community Foundation decided to create an opportunity to recognize a few of these unsung heroes. Through the pages and readership of Columbia Metropolitan Magazine and the awards event at 701 Whaley, we hope to bring attention to these wonderful people and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

With the Central Carolina Community Foundation’s unique position and knowledge of local philanthropy and the impact it has on the Columbia area, they are the perfect partner in implementing the Best of Philanthropy. Reading through the many nominations, we were amazed with the scope, variety and creativity that these people employ to help their fellow man. Choosing the ones to be recognized was not an easy task. They all deserve to be recognized, and it was a priviledge to learn the details about the nominees. Join us Nov. 10 at 6 p.m. at 701 Whaley for a wonderful evening celebrating the good works that some of our finest Columbians have done for others.

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets to the 7th Annual Best of Philanthropy Awards.







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