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Building a Community Together

Philanthropy is a powerful tool. It can transform communities and change lives. This is why the board and staff of Central Carolina Community Foundation believe so strongly in the importance of giving back to our community. This is why we strive to ‘serve and amaze’ our over three hundred donors whose generous grants enhance the lives of citizens in the Midlands.

During the nine years I have been with our Foundation, our team has distributed over 10,000 grants totaling over $94,000,000. We take pride in providing our donors with the tools and information needed to invest in our community. The tools and information required have evolved tremendously since 2009.  Donors – of all ages – are seeking more information about the nonprofits they wish to support. They are asking how their grant dollars are being used and what results are being measured. Our team researches each nonprofit organization before a grant is issued and meets regularly with organizations across our eleven-county region to learn about the impact of our donors’ grant dollars. We also provide an online research tool – our Midlands Gives website – where donors can review hundreds of nonprofit profiles on their phone, laptop, or tablet, and visit the nonprofit’s websites to make a donation.

We are also providing updates and impact reports about funds housed at our Foundation. The thousands of donations made to the One SC Fund, for example, have provided over $3.6 million in grants to nonprofits to support disaster recovery projects and help more than 1,740 families return home. When donors understand that they have made a difference, they are willing to give again – a comforting thought to those in need.

As we enter the holiday season, I offer my thanks for the gifts of time, treasure, and talent that are shared every day. Working together, we are making a difference and building a place that people are proud to call home.

We wish you and your families a very happy season of giving!

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