Talk About Giving: Philanthropy Across Cultures

August 27, 2016 - 10:00am - 11:30am

South Carolina State Museum, Gervais Room

The ancient Greek roots of the word philanthropy means love of humanity. Today, we use the word to describe charitable efforts of people who love humanity and we call these people philanthropists. Everyone can be a philanthropist and philanthropists often come together from a variety of ages, experiences, passions and cultures to collectively make an impact through their giving.

You're invited to join Central Carolina Community Foundation as we celebrate the various cultures that strengthen our community through their philanthropy. Join us to listen to some of our friends that represent different cultures and races as they share their stories of giving and the power of giving back.

This panel is presented as part of the blockbuster exhibit RACE: Are We So Different?, and in celebration of Black Philanthropy Month. All guests attending will receive a free day pass to the South Carolina State Museum and the RACE exhibit.


Valaida Fullwood,

author of Giving Back, the Soul of Philanthropy



Ms. Anita Garrett, Women Engaged (W.E) Giving Circle

Dr. Stephanie Kripa Cooper-Lewter, Visionary Founding Chair of Roshni, Lost Sarees National Women's Giving Circle 

Mr. Khue Nguyen Ben Dixon

Mr. Khue Nguyen, 

Vietnamese American Association of Greater Columbia

Dr. Ben Dixon, Cola Gives


Ms. Maria Gonda Smoak, 

MGSmoak and Associates




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Stories of Philanthropy