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Collaborating for Good

South Carolinians are unfortunately all too aware of the devastating long-term effects of hurricanes. Recovery from these vicious storms takes multiple years and a tremendous number of resources. Fortunately, South Carolina has many individuals and organizations who are committed to these recovery efforts and are willing to collaborate to achieve greater impact and quicker recovery.

One recent and ongoing collaboration transformed the living situation of a Marion County resident. The South Carolina Office of Resilience, Disaster Recovery Division (SCOR DRD) Team first learned of this individual in January 2020, when they applied for assistance. Through the eligibility process, the team discovered the resident was living in deplorable conditions. The home’s foundation was unstable, the rooms were falling in, mold and termites had overtaken the walls and ceiling. The resident was living in the kitchen, the only habitable room of the house.

However, SCOR DRD could not move forward with the case due to the resident’s outstanding environmental fees, otherwise referred to as trash fees. The resident and his siblings demonstrated sufficient ownership interest but were unable to gather enough resources to pay these fees. The SCOR DRD began seeking additional options to assist this individual and found a path forward through the One SC Fund, housed at Central Carolina Community Foundation.

First Citizens Bank had recently donated to the One SC Fund to assist with ongoing hurricane relief efforts. When SCOR DRD approached Central Carolina Community Foundation about this case, a collaboration was developed. First Citizens agreed to use $1,600 of their donation to provide the funds for a One SC Fund grant to Marion County’s Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG), who graciously paid the individual’s outstanding trash fees. It was the relentless work of each of these entities and a willingness to collaborate that allowed this important work to move forward.

With the fees paid, work began on the resident’s home and was completed in March 2021. Thanks to the generosity of First Citizens, SCOR DRD, and Marion County LTRG, the resident now has a safe place to call home.

View photos of the work here.

To learn more about the One SC Fund or make a donation to the fund, click here.