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Community Foundation Mourns the Loss of First Chairman Cameron Todd

On April 14, the Community Foundation lost a dear friend and champion, George Cameron Todd. Much has been written about Cameron’s talents and energy as well as the respect he commanded in the fields of education, church life, and social and civic interests.

Mr. Todd, Cam to his friends, helped form the foundation in 1984 and served as its first board chair. Cam also provided the first grant to the Foundation, a story he delighted in recounting.

“We set up an office with an executive desk, a secretary’s desk, a typewriter – with a lot of carbon paper – and a telephone.  When the first phone bill came in, the foundation didn’t have a checking account or any money to put into the account.  I sold some Merrill Lynch stock and paid the bill.”

He was the foundation’s first fundraiser and raised $400,000 during the organization’s first four years. After serving as chair from 1985 to 1988, Cam served as immediate past chair for two years and then assumed the role of Asset Committee Chair for two years. Cam and Betty, his beloved wife of 62 years, have since maintained a fund at the Foundation. Over the last several years, Cam participated in our new board member orientations sharing the importance of service and dedication for the betterment of our community.

We were honored to know Cameron Todd. His desire to help the community he loved, and his sense of responsibility for those in need, was and will be an inspiration to many for decades to come. His legacy will live on through the Foundation, an institution that he helped to build.

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