Superb Public Spaces

How can we improve the physical beauty of our community?

What is Superb Public Spaces?

Superb Public Spaces

According to the Knight Foundation's Soul of the Community Study, 'Superb Public Spaces,' is the physical beauty of the community including the availability of parks and green spaces. Projects in this focus area enhance the beauty and physical setting of the community.

2016 Grant Recipients

The following nonprofits received a Connected Communities grant for their work in the 'Superb Public Spaces' area. Check back to this page throughout the year for updates on these projects.

  • Doko Meadows Park Foundation: Amphitheatre Project- First-class performances and arts and community events will have a new home within Blythewood's 25-acre, master-planned Doko Meadows Park, where the Doko Meadows Park Foundation will construct a new amphitheater, welcoming audiences and visitors of all socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, and abilities.


  • Riverbanks Society: Waterfall Junction at the Riverbanks Botanical Garden- Waterfall Junction-a brand new attraction within the Riverbanks Botanical Garden, which opened in April 2016- shelters three acres of ponds, creeks, falls and meadows; inviting visitors of all ages to connect with nature through hands-on exploration, imaginative learning, and social offerings. The grant provides funding for public gathering and education sites within the new attraction.

2015 Grant Recipients

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