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Defining Your Philanthropic Passion

Do you have a special charitable dream that you would like to fulfill? Perhaps you feel strongly about a cause. Maybe your life or the life a loved one has been helped by a particular organization.  You might want to create a legacy or pass along your values to future generations. Whatever your motivation for giving, the key to a rewarding experience is to find the best fit between your charitable dreams and financial resources to achieve your goal. Ultimately charitable giving is about improving the quality of life. For Central Carolina Community Foundation, it’s our mission.  We promote, facilitate, and increase philanthropy to create a sustainable impact within our community through responsible giving. Here are some steps for you to follow that may help you match your passion with your philanthropy.

  1. Define your passion. What issues do you care about? What organizations do you currently give to? What gives you the greatest satisfaction?
  2. Create your plan. If you could change three things in your community, what would they be? Do you prefer to fund buildings, operations or projects? How much involvement do you want with the causes you support?
  3. Determine your charitable resources. What is your charitable comfort level? What tax advantages are available to you? What are your financial objectives?
  4. Put your passions into actionNow that you know what is important to you, seek advice and information.  Take advantage of the philanthropic services of the Community Foundation. Research which nonprofit organizations in your community are achieving the results you are interested in. Determine the best giving instruments suited to your goals. Make gifts or grants.
  5. Review and update your plan. Did your gifts accomplish what you hoped they would? Has your financial situation changed? Are there changes in tax law relevant to your giving?

Please note: The Foundation offers a workshop called “Your Dreams. Your Gifts. Your Legacy.” designed to give you the tools to define your passion and create your plan. If you would like to host this workshop for your group or organization, please contact Heather Sherwin at 803.254.5601 x331 or [email protected] for more information.

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