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Engaging Family in Philanthropy

The Shiver Family recently established a Donor Advised Fund at Central Carolina Community Foundation. Candace and Rodrick Shiver plan to use the fund to support the community and instill in their children the importance of giving back.

“When you think about partnering with an organization, one of the things that is very important is integrity. Looking at CCCF and what it stands for and the reputation it’s built over the years, it just made sense,” said Rodrick.

Candace and Rodrick Shiver have had an innate passion for philanthropy since childhood so establishing a fund naturally seemed like the next step for their family. Candace and Rodrick want to provide their children, Rodrick Junior (R2) and Carrigan Faith, with their same passion and dedication to giving back through this fund.

“We want to make sure while they are still young, in their formative years, that it becomes a part of who they are,” said Candace. “So that while they’re young, they’ll get a chance to see all the different ways you can give to our community and to be able to even measure that impact over the years as the nonprofits evolve and as they grow.”

Candace and Rodrick will allow their children to experience many different areas of philanthropy to help them decide what areas they want to support. Exposing their children to various experiences like feeding the homeless, attending a diabetes walk, and tutoring others will help them to be well-rounded and assist the children in discovering the ways they enjoy giving back.

“You can explain to someone the importance of something, but once you engage them in that process, once you teach them about every element of whatever the subject matter is, it becomes ingrained in them,” said Rodrick.

As the children experience giving back to the community, Candace and Rodrick hope their children will find areas of philanthropy that interest them and pour their energy into those causes. The Shiver Family Foundation will eventually be devoted to the areas of philanthropy in which R2 and Carrigan Faith are interested.

While the children’s interests will be more apparent as they get older, Candace and Rodrick will also use the fund to support their own focus areas, including education, homelessness and veterans. These causes are essential to the fund because they have a special meaning to the Shivers.

Candace and Rodrick want to be examples in the community that help people realize they can make an impact without being extremely wealthy. Time and talent are also valuable assets that can promote positive change within the Midlands. The family feels that it is essential to make a difference in Columbia as it is a city that provided them with their upbringing, education and more.

“This community means a lot to us,” said Rodrick. “Oftentimes there are so many people who are born and raised here, and they lend their talents to other communities in other states, so it was essential for us to come back and be change agents.”

To learn more about how to start a Donor Advised fund visit: