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Future IRA Gift Options

In addition to giving through your IRA now, here are other options for making future gifts from your IRA account to charity:

Bequest of IRA

You can designate a nonprofit as the beneficiary of your IRA. This permits you to continue to take withdrawals from your IRA during your lifetime and leave the remaining value or a percentage of your IRA to a nonprofit.

Testamentary IRA Gift Annuity

Use your will to fund a gift annuity with your IRA. The annuity will provide your family with fixed income for their life, or a number of years, and will also provide a nice gift to your favorite cause(s).

Testamentary IRA Unitrust

You can also use your will to transfer your IRA to a special “Give it Twice” trust. These trusts usually provide income to children for up to 20 years. Once all the income has been paid to the family, the remainder of the trust is given to your favorite cause(s).

We are here to answer your questions, feel free to call or email us.  Since each person’s situation is unique, we always recommend that you discuss the benefits of an IRA rollover with your personal professional advisor before making a gift.

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