You want to simplify and amplify your charitable giving. We can help as your full-service local resource for philanthropy.


Benefits of Working With Us

  • Local Understanding
  • Community of Givers
  • Personal Service

How It Works

The Foundation has over 450 funds, large and small, created by individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofits who care about the Midlands.
  1. Determine your charitable goals. What impact do you want to make in the community or beyond? Do you have a favorite charity in mind you want to support? Or do you want the flexibility to support the emerging needs of our community?

  2. Determine what type of fund is best. Based on your goals, we work with you and your professional advisor, if appropriate, to determine which fund best meets your philanthropic goals.

  3. Decide how you would like to give. Contributions to a fund can be cash, securities, real estate or other property. See fund types for the minimum contribution requirements for each type of fund.

  4. Name your fund. A fund can be set up in your name, the name of your family or business, a name that represents something to you or in honor of a person or an organization.

  5. Complete and sign a simple fund agreement.

Fund Options

Find the Charitable Fund that is Right For You

We offer a variety of funds for individuals, families, businesses, and community organizations. Our staff is available to discuss these options with you and help you select the fund that best meets your needs.

Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) simplifies giving. With one donation (and only one tax receipt), you can recommend grants to various charitable organizations. When you contribute cash, securities or other assets to a Donor Advised Fund at Central Carolina Community Foundation (CCCF), you are generally eligible for an immediate tax deduction, and your funds can be invested for tax-free growth. Funds can be endowed or non-endowed. The current minimum to establish a Donor Advised Fund is $10,000.


Designated Funds

At the time of the fund’s establishment, you will choose one or several organizations that will automatically receive a grant from your fund annually in perpetuity. This is a hands-off approach to giving. The Foundation manages the fund and ensures the organizations receive distributions annually. The current minimum to establish a Designated Fund is $10,000.


Field-of-Interest Funds

Support evolving community needs by focusing on an area of interest such as arts, education, human services or youth. Funds are distributed through a competitive grantmaking process that is managed by the Foundation’s Community Investment team. The current minimum to establish a Field-of-Interest Fund is $10,000.


Scholarship Funds

Provide high school seniors and college students the opportunity to pursue their dreams while achieving your own charitable goals. Many scholarship funds are set up in honor or in memory of loved ones. The current minimum to establish an endowed Scholarship Fund is $100,000.

Nonprofit Funds

Nonprofit funds provide nonprofit organizations with a simple way to establish a fund that provides a source of revenue. The organization can withdraw funds throughout the fiscal year or leave the funds invested where they will continue to grow. The current minimum amount to establish a Nonprofit Fund is $50,000.


Corporate/Competitive Funds

Corporations can establish a fund to respond to community needs. After a competitive application process, grants are awarded to nonprofits that align with the corporation’s philanthropic goals to initiate change within the community. The minimum Corporate Fund amount is determined based on the criteria of the specific fund.


Legacy Funds

A Legacy Fund allows you to have a lasting commitment to the community through a bequest or estate plan.