Investing In Our Community

You know your business and we know philanthropy. We offer a wide range of philanthropic services to help companies of all sizes meet their philanthropic goals. Our staff can provide expertise and resources to help grow your company’s giving and align your community engagement efforts with your business goals.

Establish a Charitable Fund

Central Carolina Community Foundation makes it easy to give charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations. We offer several types of charitable funds to facilitate your giving, including donor advised funds for businesses or executives and scholarship funds.

Giving through the Community Foundation offers tax advantages, eliminates recordkeeping and administrative hassles, and gives your business access to the guidance of our professional staff for both grantmaking and gift planning.

If you own your own business, have closely held stocks, or are charged with managing your corporation’s charitable giving, you can establish a corporate fund in your company’s name to support your company’s philanthropic goals.

  • Donate cash or other business assets. Contributions are tax deductible and you can make additional donations at any time.

  • Recommend grant recipients. We will handle all administrative paperwork, legal and audit fees, and correspondence with grant recipients.

  • Make a bigger impact. Our efficient administration of your giving program means more of your charitable resources are directed into the community.

Start Your Fund

In Good Company Network

The In Good Company Network offers companies strategic philanthropic services, brand visibility, a network of partners across the region, and opportunities to impact a diverse range of nonprofits in the Midlands. A portion of your investment goes back into the community to nonprofit organizations through the Foundation’s signature strategic initiatives. For more information or to join the In Good Company Network, contact JoAnn Turnquist at [email protected] or by phone at 803.978.7823.


Our Partners

Thank you to the following partners for their support and commitment during 2020:

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