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Good Cheer, Good Times & Good Will During the Giving Season

Philanthropy is a powerful tool. It can transform communities and change lives. This is why Central Carolina Community Foundation’s board and staff believe so strongly in investing in our community. This is why we strive to engage and inspire our fundholders — all 400+ of them — whose generous grants enhance the lives of citizens in the Midlands.

Since our inception in 1984, our team has distributed thousands of grants totaling more than $240 million. We take pride in providing our fundholders with the tools and information needed to invest in our community. Those tools and information required have evolved tremendously during the past 38 years. Donors – of all ages – are seeking more information about the nonprofits they wish to support. They are asking how their grant dollars are used and what results are measured.

To ensure accountability, our team researches each nonprofit organization before a grant is issued and meets regularly with organizations across our 11-county region to learn the impact of our grants. We also provide the Midlands Gives website, where donors can research and review 500+ nonprofit organizations to support.

We provide updates and reports about Impact Funds, like the One SC Fund, housed at our Foundation. The thousands of donations made to the One SC Fund have provided over $10.4 million in disaster recovery project grants to nonprofit organizations across our State. These organizations have used the funds to provide essential needs and services to 870,000 South Carolina residents and help more than 2,300 families rebuild safe and secure homes.

When donors understand that they have made a difference, they are willing to invest again – a comforting thought to those in need.

As we enter the season of giving, we offer our thanks for the gifts of time, treasure, and talent shared daily.

Working together, we are making a difference and building a place people are proud to call home.  Happy Holidays!

Calvin and JoAnn