Grant & Award Schedule- FY 2022-2023



CCCF grant applications will be available in the grant portal during the dates below. Applicants for grants listed as “by invitation only” will be given a code to access the application in the grant portal.


Grant/Award Application Open Date Application Close Date Public or By Invitation
Aflac Sept. 1 (fall cycle) | March 1 (spring cycle) Sept. 30 (fall cycle) | March 31 (spring cycle) Public, Statewide
Capacity Building Mini-Grants February 1  February 28 Public, CCCF 11-County Service Area
CCCF Scholarships (New) January 1 March 5 Public
CCCF Scholarships (Renewal) January 1 January 31 Invitation Only
Connected Communities Grants Round #1: September 1

Round #2: October 15

Round #1: September 30

Round #2: November 15

Round #1: Public, CCCF 11-county service area

Round #2: Invitation only

David W. Robinson Catalyst Award N/A N/A Invitation Only, CCCF 11-County Service Area
Greater Chapin Community Foundation September 1 September 30 Public, Greater Chapin Area Only
Jumpstart Program Grant September 1 September 30 Public, CCCF 11-County Service Area
Hootie and the Blowfish Foundation N/A N/A Invitation Only, Statewide
Knight Foundation Advised Fund N/A N/A Invitation Only, Richland County Only
Lynches River Conservation Fund Year-round Year-round Public, Statewide
Mary Seibert Charitable Trust September 1 September 30 Invitation Only, Statewide
Sumter Community Foundation February 1 February 28 Public, Sumter County Only
Beyond The Table Mini-Grants CLOSED  CLOSED Public
General Operating Support CLOSED CLOSED Invitation Only, CCCF 11-county service area
Midlands Community Response Fund CLOSED CLOSED Public, CCCF 11-County Service Area
One SC Fund: COVID-19 Response CLOSED CLOSED Public, Statewide
One SC Fund: Hurricane Response CLOSED CLOSED Public, Statewide

*Last updated July 31, 2022 Dates are subject to change.