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How do I complete a scholarship application?
The scholarship application should be completed online. Paper applications will not be accepted. The  application can be found in the Scholarship Portal linked above. New Student Applications are accepted from January 1 through March 5 each year. Renewal Applications are open from January 1 through January 31. You may log back in later and access your application any time before the deadline to complete it.

I’ve forgotten my password to access my account and fill out the application, or I don’t remember if I set up an account last year.
On the log-in page, click “Forgot your password?”. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address associated with the application, and the system will email you a reset link. Check your junk mail folder if you don’t receive it within a couple minutes.

Not sure if you registered last year? If you think that you are already registered in the system, or if you are a Renewal Student, do not create a new account. Please contact [email protected] to receive your username.

Can I apply for multiple scholarships?
Yes! Central Carolina Community Foundation (CCCF) has one general scholarship application. Once students complete the eligibility quiz to see if they align with any of our available scholarships, the application will automatically filter which scholarships for which the student is eligible. Students will fill out the full application once, then submit it for each scholarship for which they want to apply. Almost all of the responses automatically copy over for each individual scholarship, so the student is really only filling out one application for multiple scholarships. There are some scholarships which require an extra question, which will be at the top of that scholarship’s application when the student goes to submit.

What information is required in the application?
If you have taken the eligibility quiz and you were matched with one or more of our scholarships, then you will be asked a number of questions about your education, college and career goals, extracurricular activities and employment and family’s financial situation. All applications are reviewed and scored by a volunteer committee of members of our community, and the full application helps them determine the students who best fit the criteria of each scholarship. The CCCF scholarship application requires submission of the following:

Your most recent transcript showing your cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale.

A personal statement (essay): This essay should help the reviewer learn about your personal history, perspectives, goals, and interests. Be sure to include your education plans and career goals as well. Please review your essay for grammatical and spelling errors before you submit it. Your personal statement should not exceed 500 words, or one page single spaced.

The email address of two individuals (NOT family members) who will complete a recommendation form on your behalf. Please note: an emailed letter of recommendation will not be accepted in lieu of the online recommendation form. Each applicant will be required to enter the email addresses of their references on the application. Each reference will then be emailed by the Foundation to request they complete a recommendation form in the system. The recommendation form must be completed no later than March 5.Only one reference form is required to be considered for the scholarships, but we ask for two in case one reference is unable to complete the form.

Financial information to determine need. This may include amounts like gross household income. We also take into account extenuating circumstances for your family’s financial situation, as well as other financial aid you may receive.

I do not plan to attend an institution of higher education in South Carolina. Am I still eligible to receive a scholarship from Central Carolina Community Foundation?
Yes. Although some of the scholarships we administer require the recipient to attend a college or university in South Carolina, it is not a requirement for all scholarships.Take the eligibility quiz to find out if your situation aligns with any of our available scholarships.

I’m a college student. Can I apply for a scholarship?
Yes, some of our scholarships are open to current college students. Register and take the eligibility quiz to find out if your situation aligns with any of our available scholarships.

I’m a junior or sophomore in high school. Can I apply for a scholarship early?
No, the scholarships are only available for students who will be enrolled in an institution of higher education for the upcoming school year that starts in August. You may apply during your senior year.

When will the Foundation notify students about their application status?
Our goal is to notify all applicants of awards and declinations before the end of April, if not earlier.  Please ensure all contact information you enter into the application is a reliable way to contact you. If your contact information changes after you submit your application, it is your responsibility to contact CCCF to update your information. We request that you use a personal email, not your high school email which may become inactive during the award process.

Where will my scholarship payment be sent?
If awarded a scholarship from CCCF,  we will send the scholarship check to your educational institution’s bursar or financial aid office, in mid-July. No funds are awarded directly to students.

Do you have other questions? Contact [email protected] for help.