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Leaving a Legacy: the Story of the Rabon Endowment Fund

The Walker Alonzo Rabon Endowment Fund at Central Carolina Community Foundation was opened in 2017 when the Community Foundation’s Commonwealth Fund was named the Residual Beneficiary of the Estate of Walker A. Rabon.

Funds donated by the Rabon Estate go directly to the Foundation’s Commonwealth Fund, in which the beneficiaries are chosen by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

“His request was that the bulk of the estate go to Central Carolina Community Foundation.” Karen Eckford, Rabon’s niece, went on to say, “I felt like he felt that in doing so he would be able to contribute to something that has a bigger impact than just one single program.”

Walker Alonzo “Buddy” Rabon, of Columbia, SC, passed away in 2016 at the age of 80. According to Eckford, Rabon was hilarious, opinionated, caring, loving and interested in many different things.

Rabon was quiet about his personal finances and surprised family members with his decision to give part of his estate to the Foundation.

“It was a surprise to me. I don’t know what connected him, but I will make an assumption that it was because of the many, different ways that the foundation impacts people in the Midlands,” Eckford said.

Rabon was a member of Rosewood Baptist Church, and his faith is responsible for his desire to help others through thoughtful philanthropy. “I believe it comes from his Christian upbringing where you serve others, you do for others and you take care of all of God’s children, not just the ones that look like you, think like you or act like you,” Eckford said.

Rabon worked with his father, James W. Rabon, in the contracting business for many years.

According to Eckford, he liked to travel, hunt and fish with close friends, and could always be found “holding court” at the Hardee’s on Rosewood Drive in Columbia.

“He lived a life that most of us hope we can be as kind and gentle and good as, and I’m really proud to say that he was my family,” Eckford said.

In giving to the Community Foundation through his estate, Rabon is honored as a member of the Legacy Society, which was created to honor those who have made a lasting commitment to our community by including charitable gifts to the Foundation in their estates.

A Legacy Fund might be a good fit for you if you would like to make a difference in the community for future generations. Make a lasting commitment to our community by including a charitable gift to the Foundation in your estate.

If you are interested in continuing a legacy of giving, contact Michelle Hardy, Vice President, Advancement, at [email protected] or 803-254-5601 x331.