Central Carolina Community Foundation uses an online Fundholder Portal to provide an easy way for fundholders to access fund information. Depending on your relationship to the fund, you may be able to view fund balances, view fund statements or make grant recommendations. If you have established a password, you can access the portal by using the link below.

Request a Grant:

If you would like to participate in Midlands Gives through your Donor Advised Fund, please visit www.midlandsgives.org. Once you have selected the organization(s) you would like to support, go to your cart and select “CCCF Donor Advised Fund Checkout.” Our team will handle the rest! You do not need to enter the grant through the Portal. Please reach out to Mimi Slade ([email protected]) or Kayla King ([email protected]) if you have any questions.


If you haven’t established your password yet, contact us at 803.254.5601 or [email protected].

Fundholder Portal Resources



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Contribute to your fund

There are several ways to contribute to your fund once it’s established with Central Carolina Community Foundation.