At a Glance

The Lynches River Conservation Board will fund land acquisition/conservation projects in the South Carolina region of the Lynches River watershed. Supported projects will be those that improve the water quality and ecological integrity of the Lynches River watershed.

The Lynches River Conservation Board consists of an elected official and representatives from Conservation Voters of South Carolina, South Carolina Coastal Conservation League, Winyah Rivers Foundation, South Carolina Wildlife Federation, National Wildlife Federation and Haile Corporation.


Grants will be awarded on an annual basis and determined by the Lynches River Conservation Board. This grant is intended to fund up to the full amount of land acquisition costs; however, preference will be given to organizations with multiple sources of funding. Total amount available for granting over four years (2018-2021) is $4,000,000, with $1,000,000 available annually. Applicants may propose projects larger than $1,000,000, with project funding disbursed in annual installments depending on the progress of the land acquisition.


Grants are available to 501(c)3 or government entities. If the applicant is a land trust, preference is given to those accredited by Land Trust Accreditation Commission.

The Lynches River Conservation Fund Service Area has been expanded. The expanded service area now covers the Lynches River watershed from the SC/NC border to the Lynches River confluence with the Pee Dee River. Please note, preference will be given to parcels located in the Priority Service Area outlined in blue on the below map.


Application Process

Applications will be accepted from June 1 to September 30. Scroll down to view the application requirements and to submit your application.


June 1 – Application opens

September 30 – Deadline to submit applications online. Paper copies will not be accepted.

October – November – The Lynches River Conservation Board reviews applications.  All applicants must be available during this time period to provide a timely (within two business days) response to any questions posed by the committee.

November – Applicants interviewed by the Board (as necessary)

November – Finalists are notified. All finalists must then conduct due diligence (e.g., appraisal, survey, ESA, title commitment) for the property. Only those costs encumbered after notification of selection as a finalist are reimbursable, with the exception of an appraisal for conservation which can be conducted after June 1 (of the current year).

December – June – | Grantees submit completed due diligence documents for final grant approval. If awarded, this grant funding may reimburse due diligence costs (those completed after November or appraisals after June 1) and/or the purchase price of a specified property or its conservation easement.

NOTE: You will not be able to save changes to your application. Once you begin, it must be finished (or you will have to start over). Please review the application in full in order to assemble the necessary information beforehand. In addition, below is a list of the documents you will need to upload. Please have these completed before you start your application.

Application Requirements

Note: If you are submitting proposals for tracts that are non-contiguous, please contact the Foundation for further instructions on completing the application.

You will be asked to provide the following information in your application:

    • Project Narrative – DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE
    • Target Property Contact Information – DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE
    • Signed Affidavit- DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE
    • Property location on a county map
    • Property location on a watershed map
    • The estimated value of land (include substantiation). The final grant will be based on an appraisal for conservation from a certified appraiser.
    • Land Acquisition project budget (including due diligence, acquisition cost, and any other costs)
    • Images of proposed land acquisition to include geomapping and digital pictures
    • The annual organization operating budget
    • Board of Directors list including position and occupation. Please disclose any potential conflicts of interest this land acquisition would pose for any Board members
    • Optional uploads of aerial photographs or other pictures that illustrate the land value

Note: The following documents are not required with the application. The Lynches River Conservation Board, however, may ask for these documents if additional information is needed.

  • Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) tax exemption letter OR fiscal sponsorship agreement
  • Timber cruise or stand report
  • Charitable registration letter from the South Carolina Secretary of State’s Public Charities Section or a current letter stating that our organization is exempt from registration
  • Vision, values and mission statement
  • Audited Financial Statements (Form 990)
  • Current strategic plan
  • Current annual report
  • Staff listing