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Midlands Gives Spotlight: Big Red Barn Retreat

The Big Red Barn Retreat, established in memory of Leon Irons, serves our military members in need of healing, helping them find peace after serving. All programs, classes, and workshops are provided to our military free of charge and included integrated tools for healing, including meditative yoga, healing art, equine assisted therapy, gardening, and small group conversations.

Midlands Gives has made a large impact on The Big Red Barn Retreat’s ability to fundraise for our veterans. Sutton Shaw, Executive Director for The Big Red Barn Retreat, gave us some insight on how their journey with Midlands Gives began. “At first, we participated primarily because we wanted to get the word out about the Big Red Barn Retreat and the services we offer to veterans and active duty. We were excited to be a part of such a wonderful community giving event,” says Shaw. “The event has grown so much now that it’s become a great fundraising platform for our programming for veterans and active duty. 2020 will be another great year as we prepare for the launch of Warrior PATHH, a program that facilitates post traumatic growth. We are counting on funds raised through Midlands Gives to help support this innovative program!”

The Big Red Barn Retreat has raised over $16,000 in the past five years though Midlands Gives from close to 100 unique donors. The majority of the money raised goes directly to the service providers that work closely with the veterans. In addition, money raised from Midlands Gives has allowed The Big Red Barn Retreat to install the Veterans Garden, which provides a therapeutic outlet to those struggling from combat.

Far too many veterans and active duty members are not receiving appropriate care, and the current approach to mental health does not work for healing PTSD. As a state home to every military branch and over 400,000 veterans, providing help to our military is indispensable.

To learn more about The Big Red Barn Retreat, visit their website.

If you are interested in making a donation, you can contact them via phone at (803) 716-9097 or visit their Midlands Gives page here.


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