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Midlands Gives Spotlight: Homeward Bound Pet Rescue

300 dogs. That is the average amount of dogs that Homeward Bound Pet Rescue takes in per year. Thousands of companion animals are being euthanized every year, and Homeward Bound is doing everything in their power to save animals from this fate.

Homeward Bound is a no-kill pet rescue group in Columbia, whose mission is to make a difference in the community by rescuing stray, homeless, and abandoned animals, particularly dogs. In addition, they educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets, and work with committed volunteers and veterinarians to ensure these dogs end up in a loving home. Homeward Bound has no paid staff and they are completely reliant on donations from the community to help fund their mission.

Homeward Bound has been a participant in Midlands Gives for four years and has experienced great fundraising success. Their organization has raised over $25,000 from 389 donations throughout their participation. This money goes directly to caring for the dogs in their program. This past year they had several dogs that required medical care far beyond the typical wellness check and spay and neuter.

The funds from Midlands Gives have helped hundreds of animals, including Cocoho came into the rescue in early 2019. Coco had two deformed front legs. Through Homeward Bound, she received two orthopedic surgeries to correct her legs, allowing her to once again walk, run, and play..

Homeward Bound Pet Rescue does not have a physical facility so all dogs taken in must have a foster home. Midlands Gives donations have aided in the foster parent outreach and allowed the organization to connect with potential foster parents. Volunteer Charlene Cassidy speaks to the importance of giving these dogs a foster home. She says, “Foster homes help us get to know our dogs—personality, temperament, activity level, etc. so we can relay these things to potential adopters.”

Homeward Bound is doing everything they can to make sure the dogs are healthy and safe. Cassidy also says “All dogs are kept on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventatives. We provide other medical care a dog may need such as dental care, illness or injury care, even orthopedic surgery.” None of this would be possible without the donations received through Midlands Gives. This platform has changed the way Homeward Bound Pet Rescue fundraises, by allowing them to connect with other animal supporters in the community and has saved countless dogs in the process.


If you are interested in learning more about Homeward Bound Pet Rescue please visit their website or call 803-454-9094.

Information about adoption can be found here

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