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Midlands Gives Spotlight: My Amigos Bilingual Education Center

My Amigos Bilingual Education Center is a nonprofit preschool located in West Columbia that provides a high-quality, dual-language, Christian immersion education. The implementation of a bilingual curriculum fosters open minded, model citizens from a young age.

Research shows that any second language, whether Spanish or any other, is beneficial for children because it increases connections in the brain. Bilingual children also tend to be better problem solvers as learning another language shows them there is more than one way to accomplish a task. These important life skills help children as they grow into adults and begin their careers.

My Amigos has participated in Midlands Gives since 2015 and uses their donations to provide financial assistance to low income families, allowing the children to receive a high-quality education. Through their participation in Midlands Gives,  they have received more than 100 donations and raised over $6,900. Last year, My Amigos exceeded their Midlands Gives fundraising goal by over $1,000 and received the Southeastern Freight Lines Most Improved Prize.

Midlands Gives has changed the way My Amigos fundraises. Rocio Nunez, the liaison for Midlands Gives, said, “It has increased our confidence in our online fundraising. The toolkits that Midlands Gives provides have been very helpful to us, not just for Midlands Gives, but for our fundraising throughout the year.”

As a small nonprofit, Midlands Gives is one of My Amigos most important platforms to acquire new donors and gain awareness about their organization. Midlands Gives provides them with the ability to connect with other organizations and engage donors with their mission. And, most importantly, it gives local children the opportunity to receive a high-quality education.

To learn more about My Amigos Bilingual Education Center please visit their website.

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact My Amigos at [email protected] or donate through the year-round Midlands Gives platform here.

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