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No Tricks, This Blog is Full of Treats

The fall season is here, bringing with it the excitement of selecting costumes and discussions of trading candy! Just like the holiday season, Halloween is another great time to educate children on the importance of giving back.  It’s never too early to teach the younger generation how to be philanthropic.

We’ve found some local opportunities to help you and your family start a tradition of  Halloween Acts of Kindness:

  • Cards of Kindness: Make homemade Halloween cards and deliver them to the local hospitals.
  • Candy Care Package for the Troops: Whether it’s your children’s candy or purchased candy from the story,  Kool Smiles hosts Operation Troop Treats. Kids can trade candy in for a toy. The candy will be delivered to U.S. Troops.  Click here for more information.
  • Organize a Costume Drive: Find the box of costumes of past Halloweens, pack them up, and donate them to a local thrift store.  Start your “spring cleaning” a little early!
  • “Trick-or-Feed” Food Drive: Gather your friends in your neighborhood and collect canned food to donate instead of collecting candy. Or, designate a house in the neighborhood to drop off a canned food item during Halloween.
  • Perform a “Treat”: Please read carefully: do not perform a trick, perform a treat!  Random acts of kindness is a great way to brighten someone’s day.

Is there an act of kindness we missed?  Share your thoughts on your family’s act of kindness by calling 803.978.7816 or email [email protected].  We would love to share with everyone. Who knows, a new family-philanthropic tradition might be created.

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