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Nonprofit Professionals Gain Confidence to Excel from BIPOC Leadership Training and Coaching Program

In its debut year, the BIPOC Leadership Training and Coaching Program provides Black, Indigenous and People of Color mid-level nonprofit professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel as nonprofit leaders.

Central Carolina Community Foundation sponsored 19 participants to attend sessions on specific areas of leadership development and one-on-one coaching sessions. The program is facilitated by Andrea White, founder & CEO of Elite Business Coaching. Throughout her career, White has traveled across the United States developing strategy and leadership development programs for businesses, nonprofits and governmental agencies with a focus on minority populations. Starting in June 2021, the program has covered a range of leadership topics, including The Power of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Practices for Incoming Professionals and Emerging Issues, and Motivate and Inspire Others to Get Things Done.

Participant Chío Núñez, Constituency Engagement Manager at The Hive Community Circle, said the one-on-one coaching with White has been most impactful for her.

“(Andrea White) really reinforced me and gave me literature to study, and she gave me specific things to work on. That helped me to become the leader that I want to become, not just in the future, but in the role that I have right now,” Núñez said.

Núñez emphasized the sense of community among the members of the program and spoke positively about the opportunities for support and networking.

“The thing that I like the most about this leadership program is that it’s culturally specific,” Núñez said. “We are all people of color, and its specifically for people that are just like me in the workplace, which is very different from a non-person of color. So that’s one of the things that I was very excited to see.”

Quinn Hayes, director of Women in Philanthropy at United Way of the Midlands, is also a participant in the program. Hayes spoke highly of the one-on-one coaching sessions and having a resource to talk with about equity and assertiveness.

“I applaud (Andrea) and the work that she does, the experiences that she shared because we could all take a moment to identify with her,” Hayes said. “I’d really like to take a moment to sincerely thank Central Carolina Community Foundation for supporting a way to start looking at building capacity within individuals and not just organizations.”

The program, which will continue to have monthly sessions through February 2022, was created with the goals to:

  • Increase the likelihood that participants will remain in the nonprofit sector.
  • Increase participants’ self-efficacy to excel as a leader.
  • Increase participants’ readiness for a promotion.

Participants were selected through a competitive application process and each seat in the program is valued at $500.

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