Publicizing Your Grant

After your organization receives a grant from Central Carolina Community Foundation, you have the opportunity to tell your organization's story.

Receiving a grant is the perfect moment to share about the impact your funded project or program will have or to recognize the generosity of the donor, family or group that made it possible.

Below are some guidelines to get you started and help you are you publicize your funded project.

You can also view the information in PDF format here.

Public Relations

We encourage you to contact local news organizations to share the story of your project throughout the year. We would be happy to provide a quote for a press release or join you in an interview if you desire.


Please use this language to describe your partnership with the Community Foundation:

This project was supported by a grant from the [name fund indicated on grant approval letter] housed at Central Carolina Community Foundation.

When describing Central Carolina Community Foundation, please use this language:

Central Carolina Community Foundation-the Midlands’ expert on philanthropy- is a nonprofit organization serving 11 counties in the Midlands by distributing grants and scholarships and linking the resources of donors, nonprofits and area leaders to communities in need. For more information about the Foundation, visit or call 803.254.5601.

Note: Please do not place ‘the’ before Central Carolina Community Foundation

Using the Foundation Logo

Please contact , Marketing & Communications Manager at Central Carolina Community Foundation, to request a copy of the CCCF logo. Do not stretch, recolor or separate elements of the logo. The logo should only be used in reference to the funded program with appropriate acknowledgement.

Social Media

Share information about your grant with supporters through your organization’s annual reports, newsletter, donor communications, on your website and especially on social media. When possible, tag us in your social media posts using Central Carolina Community Foundation (Facebook), @CCCFTweets (Twitter), and @CCCFPics (Instagram).

Keep in Touch

Share the success and impact of your program with us! Share photos, stories or news clips of how you are improving our community. When possible, we will post this information on our website and share over social media. Please email to share your items.

Stories of Philanthropy