EngenuitySC (2015,2016): What’s Next Midlands- Economic development nonprofit Engenuity SC will launch its second year of What’s Next Midlands, the collaborative crowdsourcing program aimed to gather great ideas for Midlands improvement from residents, and then connect those ideas with the community, capital and volunteers needed to turn them into reality. The program will complete one publicly vetted and approved project per quarter.  The first “What’s Next Midlands” project to be funded recently added brightly colored, metal tables and chairs along Main Street to add social seating during events and peak times.

FoodShare (2017): Community Cooks: Creating a New Sense of Connection in a Public Housing Neighborhood through the Creation of a Community Kitchen – Renovation of the current kitchen in the new FoodShare facility to increase the space accommodating community cooking classes and small food business incubation activities.

Historic Camden Foundation (2018): Redoubt Revitalization at Historic Camden – Historic Camden will rebuild and reinterpret their redoubt, an earthen fort used by British soldiers in the American Revolution. The completed historic project will serve as an education and event space for the community.

Historic Columbia (2015): Columbia Jewish Heritage Initiative – The untold story of Columbia’s Jewish community will be shared throughout the community, aided by a forum for the collection and sharing of stories, images and documents.

Kershaw County Community Playground (2015): ADA Accessible Playground – Kershaw County’s first ADA accessible playground, with specially designed play equipment, will allow families to play together locally.

Palmetto Luna Arts (2017): Latino Arts in Motion – Bringing Latino artistry to new venues across the community to give Midlands residents the opportunity to experience first-hand Latino art creation.

Orangeburg County Fine Arts Centers (2017): Arts Center Renovation – Renovations and repairs to the art center will allow this important community building to be a gathering place for the community and a catalyst to increase arts awareness.

South Carolina State Museum (2016): RACE: Are We So Different?- The concept of race is scientifically and culturally examined, pondered and challenged at the SC State Museum’s new exhibit, which explores three primary themes- the science of human variation, the history of the idea of race and the contemporary experience of race and racism in the US- and explains why we should celebrate our differences. Associated programs complement the exhibit, displayed from June 11 to September 11, 2016.

Sumter County Museum (2017): Temple Sinai Jewish History Museum – The transformation of a historic temple into a permanent Jewish history exhibit, allowing visitors be cognizant of the Jewish community’s contributions to the development of Sumter.

Sumter Cultural Center (2018)Sumter Yarn Explosion – More than just “wrapping yarn around trees,” this project will leave a lasting, visual asset that sparks interest and conversation in the Sumter community.

Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network (2017): Seen and Heard: Women and Girls in the Midlands – Documenting women’s diverse voices through community conversations and sharing their stories throughout the community to inspire social action.