Benefits of Giving

There are many reasons why individuals, families, businesses and organizations choose Central Carolina Community Foundation to fulfill their charitable goals.

  1. Creating Personal Charitable Legacies. We help you develop personal charitable legacies that reflect your philanthropic objectives. We listen carefully to you and suggest ways to fulfill your wishes.
  2. Perpetuating Family Names. Many people are seeking meaningful ways to perpetuate their family name. That goal is easily accomplished through the creation of a permanent fund within the Foundation.
  3. Continuing Support of Favorite Causes. We each have favorite charities we have supported during our lifetimes. Through an endowment fund, your thoughtfulness will extend to future generations.
  4. Protecting Donor Investments. As a third-party protector, we sit on the same side of the table as our donors. We safeguard each fund entrusted to our care and assure you that your funds will be administered in accordance with your objectives.
  5. Ensuring Permanent Relevant Purposes. If the purpose(s) for which a fund was established becomes obsolete or impossible to fulfill, we will identify a relevant charitable beneficiary to match your original intent.
  6. Providing Charitable Options. Donors have the option of giving to many charitable organizations and purposes through the creation of one fund, including education, health care, social services, arts and culture, religion and the humanities. You can create permanent funds (endowments) which are administered in perpetuity or temporary funds that close upon the fulfillment of their purpose.
  7. Making Charitable Giving Convenient. It often takes less than one hour to create a charitable fund that will last beyond your lifetime.
  8. Offering Affordable Philanthropic Vehicles. A permanent endowed fund can be created for as little as $10,000.
  9. Giving Through A Community Foundation. Donors give through a Community Foundation, not to a Community Foundation. We are a unique service provider making it possible for you to achieve your charitable objectives within one organization.
  10. Setting Example For Future Generations. There is nothing more meaningful than bequeathing good values to our children and grandchildren. We have helpful tools to help you to involve the next generation in your giving today.

Stories of Philanthropy