Fund Options

The Community Foundation offers several different fund options with a range of minimum investments to help donors achieve maximum philanthropic impact in the areas that are important to them.

Agency Funds

Minimum Investment:  $50,000
Agency funds provide a simple way for a nonprofit organization to establish a fund that provides a source of support. The organization can choose to withdraw funds throughout the fiscal year or leave the funds invested where they will continue to grow.

Community Funds

Minimum Investment: $0
Unrestricted gifts all the Foundation to respond to community needs. After a competitive review process, income is distributed to nonprofits with innovative programs that initiate change within the community.

Designated Funds

Minimum Investment: $10,000
As a donor, you can choose one or several organizations to support with the fund, allowing specific nonprofit organization(s) to receive grants.

Donor-Advised Funds

Minimum Investment: $10,000
The Foundation staff will work with you to create a fund with options to support varying organizations and programs based on your charitable goals. Your choices include whether or not to endow and invest the fund, offering both immediate and long-term benefits.

Field-of-Interest Funds

Minimum Investment: $10,000
These funds support specific focus areas such as arts, education, human services or youth. They ensure your interests are supported, without limiting the funding to one organization.

Scholarship Funds

Minimum Investment: $50,000
These funds allow you to give deserving students the opportunity to pursue their dreams while achieving your own charitable goals. Many scholarship funds are set up in honor or memory of loved ones.

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