Legacy Society

Central Carolina Community Foundation created the Legacy Society to honor those who have made a lasting commitment to our community by including charitable gifts to the Foundation in their estates.

The Legacy Society provides a way for the Community Foundation to recognize and thank these individuals, during their lifetimes and beyond. We appreciate their vision and insight for our community’s future. If you would like to become a member of the Legacy Society we would be delighted to meet you. If your estate plan has been completed, simply notify us of your plans to leave a gift to the Community Foundation.

Stacey Atkinson Dr. Lanneau D. Lide Jr.
Gayle O. Averyt Lloyd S. Liles
Mary Wyatt Balbach  Mr. and Mrs. David L. Martin
Kenneth W. Baldwin Jamie Young McCulloch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Barinowski  Robert E. McLawhorn
Jane A. Barnhill Dr. and Mrs. James E. Mercer
Mac and Leslie Bennett  Jacqueline M. Miller
Charlotte Lunsford Berry Frances K. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Bowers Sr. Janice H. Morrow
Betsy Linn Chambers I. Harby Moses
Janet Cotter Sara Nalley
Jo Mengedoht Cox Ethan Nord
Margaret R. Cullum Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oana
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Dade Scott and Katie Peterson
Toni and Sam Elkins Bill Rogers
Julie D. Epting Mrs. Edward Y. Roper Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Fant Jr.  Mr. J. Royal Roseberry III
Julia R. Gentles Ann Schuler
Diane Goolsby Henry and Linda Sims
Leila Grimball Mr. and Mrs. David C. Sojourner Jr.
Rusty and Plum Hammond Pete and Sarah Stewart
Julie Hawkins Kerry Stubbs
Marjorie Heggie and David Estefano JoAnn Turnquist and Ernie Csiszar
C. Carroll and Susan B. Heyward Mr. and Mrs. H. Dallon Weathers Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Owen M. Holmes III Mr. and Mrs. John T. Weeks
Clifton J. Kitchens Mrs. John S. Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Kulbersh  
Deceased Members  
Charles Shannon Blackwell  Mr. Edward Y. Roper Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Addison Bostain Paul Schuler
Arlen Cotter Mrs. Marshall A. Shearouse
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Dana Ruth Kay Sidisin
Mrs. William W. Dukes Jr. John C. "Buck" Smith
David A. Epting Mary Averill Stanton
Katherine K. Greiner H. Talcott Stith Jr.
Marion A. Knox John and Betty Warren
Kate Miller LaCoste Christine Webb
Dorothy G. Owen Milford H. "Joe" Wessinger
Mr. and Mrs. J. Key Powell Max and Sibby Wood

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