The Power of Endowment

Much of the strength of the Community Foundation lies in the permanence of our funds. The Foundation will be here forever to respond to the changing needs of the Midlands of South Carolina. Over time, a gift of endowment can improve lives and communities in ways that we can only imagine.

Why Endowment?

An endowment is a permanent fund, and with it comes several advantages. An endowment will:

  • Provide dependable, perpetual income to your chosen cause or nonprofit – be it the arts, your house of worship, your alma mater or whatever cause you love.
  • Carry on your family’s name – and legacy – forever.
  • Allow successive generations to continue family giving traditions.

Use the Endowment Calculator below to see what your gift can accomplish.


With the power of endowment, after years your fund...

  • will have a market value of approximately:
  • will have made grants totaling:

Estimate of cumulative grants based on % annual payout. Estimated market value based on % average ROI before fees and grants.

Your contribution's accomplishment after years:

  • Market Value: $
  • Cumulative Grants: $

Disclaimer: Future investment performance can vary from past performance, and you should not base your decision to invest your fund at Central Carolina Community Foundation simply on past performance. Past earning rates are not an indicator of future earning rates. The investment returns of Central Carolina Community Foundation’s invested funds are not guaranteed, and the value of the investment may rise or fall.

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