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President’s Letter: Enhancing the Philanthropic Pie

When I was growing up, the arrival of fall heralded the return of fresh baked pies in our house. Apple, pumpkin and pecan, the smells and flavors brought my sister and me running to the kitchen. We were always amazed at the bounty of ingredients needed to create our favorite dessert.

Just as one ingredient alone cannot produce a tantalizing dessert, one individual organization acting alone cannot provide a solution to issues facing our community. The Foundation’s board and staff are gathering the collective resources of the community and creating a new reality of collaborative philanthropy in the Midlands. The bounty of ingredients needed to create this new reality are found throughout our region and, when blended, will increase the ‘philanthropic pie.’

The strategic partnerships our Foundation is involved in — partnerships that provide new opportunities for service and growth — add the flavorful spices that entice folks to get involved in our community. The Foundation’s Connected Community grants sweeten the lives of our residents through innovative projects that create a welcoming, beautiful and vibrant place to live. The ongoing generosity of donors to the One SC Fund, and the nonprofit organizations providing aid, create a supporting crust that helps folks rebuild their lives. And donations to nonprofits through our Midlands Gives year-round platform radiate warmth throughout our community — just like the first slice of a freshly baked pie.

We are grateful for your enduring support as we work to make life better in the Midlands and beyond. Indeed, your support makes the work we do sweeter.

All the best,






JoAnn Turnquist 

President & CEO