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Redefining Cycling in the Midlands

“We want to redefine what cycling is in the Midlands,” states Scott Nuelken, President and Chair, Cola Town Bike Collective. This is the goal of Cola Town Bike Collective’s project, Sprocket. The 2018 Connected Communities grant recipient aims for the web-application to provide curated bicycle routes to residential and business districts, as well as the colleges and universities in the Midlands. The web application will also include locations of bicycle repair stations, bike racks, and the Blue Bike share stations. Each cycling route will include hashtags encouraging cyclers to take pictures and post social media outlets highlighting the unique scenery of their route.

Scott Nuelken adds, “The number of people who’ve come out support of this project has been overwhelming. What started as an idea at a kitchen table shared between two people has grown to close to twenty people helping us turn the vision into reality. In the early days of creating the content for the web-applications, we had several volunteers at my house with a ‘battle-room’ set up. We had 3 laptops and were streaming maps to my television and discussing individual roads, thoroughfares, and debating the ridability of each.”

The Sprocket application will have a soft ‘beta’ launch in November. The Cola Town Bike Collective views this as a community-designed project and hopes to receive feedback and suggestions from the public. At launch, close to 400 routes will be available, with plans to add new routes and information from feedback from the public and new infrastructure.

If your hobby is cycling or you have an interest in public transportation, commuting, and/or cartography, you can contact the Sprocket project team by email: [email protected]. Consider this your invitation to join the team!

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