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Reflections from Our First Philanthropy Intern

This year the Community Foundation welcomed Antionna Fuller, our first Philanthropy Intern in partnership with the University of South Carolina’s African American Studies Program. The internship was funded through donations from The Soul of Philanthropy Columbia exhibit in 2018.

Antionna assisted the Foundation’s Community Investment team. She shared the following highlights of the year-long internship:

  • Attending a Community Impact Committee Meeting: “I thoroughly enjoyed attending a committee meeting. It was fascinating to see what it’s like behind-the-scenes and to learn how the committee selects the nonprofits.”
  • Attending the Urban League Gala: “This was a night to remember. I learned the difference between a mentor and a supporter. JoAnn Turnquist introduced me to nearly everyone in the room – CEO’s, bankers, politicians, and the list goes on. She advocated on my behalf and made me feel like a star.”
  • Participating in On the Table: “It was amazing to see members of the community come together and brainstorm solutions to current problems! This experience showed me that we are more powerful united, than divided.”
  • Overseeing the Capacity Building Mini Grant: “This year, I had the honor and privilege of overseeing and serving as Grant Lead for the Capacity Building Mini Grants. I will never forget the shrieks of excitement on the other side of the phone when I informed recipients that they had received the grant from us. It was one of my greatest joys and pleasures to share that moment with them. “
  • Serving on the Scholarship Committee: “I reviewed 80 applications that featured bright and talented students. I enjoyed reading their stories and learning more about their dreams and future plans. To know that I played a role in helping them reach them, while relieving even the slightest amount of financial stress, has truly been a remarkable experience. “

Antionna also added this reflection on her experience:

“Interning at the Community Foundation has been enlightening and empowering. The experience challenged me to continue being a beacon of light in my community. I learned about the many organizations who are doing meaningful and impactful work in the Midlands. But most importantly, this opportunity has afforded me the chance to create lasting friendships with a team of people who my life will never be the same without.”

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