1. How do I complete a scholarship application? 

The scholarship application should be completed online. Paper applications will not be accepted.

2. Can I apply for multiple scholarships? 

Yes, you may apply for multiple scholarships. Central Carolina Community Foundation has one general scholarship application. Once students complete the eligibility section of the application, the application will automatically filter which scholarships the student is eligible (displayed it at the bottom). Students must then select which of those scholarships they want to apply.

3. I do not plan to attend an institution of higher education in South Carolina, am I still eligible to receive a scholarship from Central Carolina Community Foundation? 

Yes. Although some of the scholarships we administer require the recipient to attend a college or university in South Carolina, it is not a requirement for all scholarships.

4. I’m a college student. Can I apply for a scholarship?

Yes, some of our scholarships are open to current college students.

5. Where does my scholarship check get sent?

If awarded a scholarship from Central Carolina Community Foundation, we will send the scholarship check to the institution’s bursar or financial aid office, depending on the policy of the college or university you attend.

6. When will the Foundation notify students about their application status? 

All students will be notified no later than June 2019.  Please ensure all contact information you enter into the application will be a reliable way to contact you. If your contact information changes after you submit your application, it is your responsibility to contact the Foundation to update your information.