At a Glance

The Sonoco Foundation‘s grant program focuses on supporting institutions with a local, rather than a national or international, perspective.

Sonoco views its philanthropic and business endeavors as investments to improve the quality of life in communities where the Company has operations. The Sonoco Foundation is responsive to human needs through its support of quality projects and programs within the areas it supports.

Central Carolina Community Foundation administers the grant process for the Sonoco Foundation. The Sonoco Foundation accepts grant proposals from nonprofit organizations serving Darlington and/or Florence counties.

For information about and to apply for a Sonoco Scholarship, click here.

Apply for a Grant

The Sonoco Foundation is currently not accepting applications.


Areas of Focus

Arts and Culture: Consideration is given to grants that support arts and cultural organizations, public broadcasting, museums and other organizations offering cultural enrichment.

Community Development: Consideration is given to grants that support infrastructure and community beautification efforts.

Environment: Consideration is given to grants that support conservation and environmental efforts.

Education: Consideration is given to grants that support all levels of education, including higher education institutions that supply Sonoco’s future leaders and technology experts.

Health and Wellness: Consideration is given to grants that support health and wellness organizations, primarily through grants to United Way campaigns. Requests for support for hospital capital fund drives, youth agencies, emergency services and welfare programs not funded by the United Way will be considered.

Information for Grant Recipients

If your nonprofit received a grant from the Sonoco Foundation, please use the link below to submit your final grant report.

Please Note: Some forms require to enable macros. If a security box pops up, click “enable macros.”