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Sumter Senior Services to Receive New Exercise Equipment Through Aflac Charitable Fund at CCCF

Sumter Senior Services will update its exercise room equipment to make it more accommodating and user friendly for seniors, after receiving a grant from the Aflac Charitable Fund at Central Carolina Community Foundation.

Gail Wilson, executive director of Sumter Senior Services, will meet with a representative from Matrix in the upcoming weeks to assist in deciding upon equipment. They plan to be strategic in the decision as they want to get the best and most effective equipment that caters specifically to Sumter Senior Services’ programs and its seniors.

“The impact these programs have had on the seniors is tremendous,” said Wilson. “Their back no longer hurts them, their legs have gained strength since exercising and we are seeing more senior participation in the exercise program.”

The exercise room is open for seniors anytime during the hours of operation with equipment including treadmills, exercise bikes and a weight machine.Several health and wellness programs are offered by Sumter Senior Services as well. One specific program offered is “Walk with Ease,” an Arthritis Foundation exercise program that takes place three to five times per week.

“The program is an evidence-based program that helps people who suffer from arthritis. It reduces pain, increases balance and strength, and improves the overall health of an individual,” said Wilson.

Not only does Sumter Senior Services provide health and well being services but they also want seniors to have access to transportation, home delivered meals, senior centers, proper nutrition, retired senior volunteer opportunities and referral services.

Sumter Senior Services aims to provide services that allow seniors to live in a home setting for as long as possible. They create opportunities for physical, mental and emotional wellness which support independence and enrich the quality of life for older adults.“Sumter Senior Services’ Board of Directors and Staff would like to thank Aflac and Central Carolina Community Foundation for all of its support in assisting us as we assist the seniors of Sumter County,” said Wilson.

Thanks to the grant, Sumter Senior Services can give back by providing assistance to older residents who spent their life building the Sumter County community. Through the help of Aflac and Central Carolina Community Foundation, nonprofit organizations like Sumter Senior Services can offer high quality programs that make a significant impression upon a person’s quality of life.

Aflac prides itself on being a part of each of the communities its team members call home. Aflac Group’s grant program focuses on supporting organizations with a local perspective. The Aflac grants committee is comprised of a group of community-minded employee volunteers. Central Carolina Community Foundation staff provides administrative support for the Aflac grants committee and the Aflac Charitable fund.

To learn more about Central Carolina Community Foundation’s grant with Aflac visit here.