2012 Best of Philanthropy Family Champion

After many successful years of medical and nursing careers in Orangeburg, Dr. Bert Gué and Ms. Jeanne Gué, MSN, with assistance from the Regional Medical Center, were instrumental in establishing a medical clinic to provide care to the medically underserved population in Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties.

They applied their knowledge and skills in the medical and nursing fields to help those in need. Services are provided through a free standing clinic to persons who are uninsured, low income and whose household income is 200% below the federal poverty level. The clinic is now a medical home for more than 600 patients.

Gue Family

Dr. and Mrs. Gué’s diligent work to pursue new avenues for fundraising, seek new volunteers and advocates has sustained the clinic for the last three and a half years and has raised more than $508,000.