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The impact of giving: A legacy of generosity

“The lesson that we’ve learned through philanthropy is that you get back so much more than you give,” says Dr. David Kulbersh, who, with his wife, Jane Kulbersh, are members of the Central Carolina Community Foundation’s Legacy Society. “Columbia has been really good to us, and we’re fortunate enough to be able to give back.”

For nearly 40 years, Central Carolina Community Foundation (CCCF) has served as the Midlands’ leader in collaborative philanthropy – the Community Foundation has demonstrated this through funds, among other ways. Central Carolina Community Foundation’s Legacy Society honors those who have included charitable gifts to funds at the Foundation – making a lasting impact in our community.


“What you leave behind is the good deeds that you have done …”

– Jane Kulbersh

The Kulbershes created their fund in 2014 to maximize their philanthropic impact and support local initiatives they care about. The couple’s fund allows them to give back to the community that has served their family for decades.

Dr. and Mrs. Kulbersh, who have known each other since childhood, have always considered philanthropy an important family value. They recount how Jane’s father’s philanthropic nature inspired them to support community initiatives. Throughout the years, the Kulbershes have deliberately passed down the same philanthropic values that Jane’s father embodied to their children and grandchildren. In addition to their charitable giving, their children, Leslie and John, work within fields that allow them to give back to the most vulnerable populations in their communities.

The fundholders hope to continue leading by example and inspiring others to give back. “We want the things that we are passionate about to go beyond us, and we wish to set an example for our children and others,” says Jane. “What you leave behind is the good deeds that you have done – and we hope to perpetuate that after our death.”

Learn more about joining the Legacy Society at the Community Foundation.