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The Impact of Simplicity

SimplicitySimplicity.  Even the sound of the word makes me smile.  It is a characteristic many of us strive for but, with the demands of our fast paced lives, it can be difficult to capture.  Our schedules fill quickly with meetings and appointments.  Projects become more complex.  Our “to do list” grows every day. Yet, as we wade through life’s complexities, it’s often the simple things that seem to provide the biggest impact and greatest joy.

Recently, I have noticed many examples of the impact of simplicity.  Who could ignore the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?  How many of you were seen shivering in a Facebook post after you donated to the cause?  The Ice Bucket Challenge was not a complex or expensive fundraiser.  It started as a five minute, simple challenge and ended with a huge impact of millions of dollars raised.  In our own community, we watched in late May as over 5,000 small gifts were “magnified” on Midlands Gives day.  The simple act of selecting a charity and pushing a button online resulted in over $700,000 raised for local nonprofits. These examples prove what we see time and time again- that simple acts and small gifts add up quickly and really do make a difference.

This year, the Community Foundation is celebrating our 30th Anniversary – three decades of helping folks simplify their giving – giving that has, and is, making a difference in the lives of others.  Over $100 million has been invested in nonprofits across the Midlands and beyond through a simple selection process that is supported by the Foundation’s team.  Giving shouldn’t be an arduous task.  Giving should, and can be simple – ask our 400 fundholders or the 3,800 people who contributed through Midlands Give.  Giving should bring us joy – the type of joy that is contagious.

So, share some joy this weekend.  Make a donation.  Your simple act will make a difference.


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