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The Importance of Supporting Black-led & Black-benefiting Nonprofits

This month, the Community Foundation has celebrated, supported and promoted the voices of our region’s multicultural philanthropists in honor of Black Philanthropy Month.

To culminate Black Philanthropy Month, we join in celebrating Give 8/28 — the only nationwide giving day for Black-led and Black-benefitting nonprofits. In its third year, Give 8/28 is hosted by the Young, Black, and Giving Back Institute on August 28.

In the spirit of Black Philanthropy Month and Give 8/28, we asked our staff why they personally believe in this cause. When asked to complete the statement, “I believe supporting Black-led and black benefiting organizations is important because,” these are the responses we received:

“It amplifies the Black community’s resilience and strength. This investment gives power back to the community and creates space for it to heal, grow and thrive – on its own terms and in its own way.” – Erin Johnson, VP for Community Investment

“They impact countless individuals in our community. By investing in these organizations, we’re building a better, stronger future for our community” – Cherise Arrendale, Director of Strategic Initiatives & Communications

“It fuels the organizations’ growth and sustainability to ensure a lasting impact in the communities served. It is crucial to build long-term support to deliver systemic change.” – Michelle Hardy, VP for Advancement

“It empowers the organizations to serve and meet the specific needs within the Black community. Black-led and Black benefiting organizations are best positioned to pivot and address evolving needs in this ever-changing environment.” – Mimi Slade, Advancement Associate

“These organizations strengthen and enrich our community and give voice to many who go unheard. I celebrate and thank these organizations for the beautiful impact they make every day.” – Kevin Patten, VP for Finance

“It ensures that organization longevity and presence in the community. It helps to strengthen the African American dream to own a business that will directly impact the community. Allows for diversity and cultural representation in the marketplace.” – Kim Turnipseed, Director of Finance


“It gives Black-led and Black benefiting organizations a chance to thrive and know that their community supports them. Investing in these organizations shows that we would like for them to succeed and become a pillar in the community.” – Alexis Wood, Finance Associate


“These organizations provide valuable resources to those they serve. They enrich their communities and enhance lives. Celebrating the impact they’ve had and investing in their organizations allows us to show our gratitude.” – JoAnn Turnquist, President & CEO

“Because Black Lives Matter. Creo que apoyar a las organizaciones lideradas por gente Negra y que benefician a la comunidad Negra es importante porque las vidas Negrxs importan.” -Elizabeth Houck, Strategic Initiatives Associate

Today, August 28, for Give 8/28, the Community Foundation will award ten $500 matching grant prizes to nonprofits in our 11 counties that raise $500 or more on August 28 through Give 8/28 or Midlands Gives platforms. Here at the Foundation, we believe that anyone can be a philanthropist. We encourage you to support local Black-led and Black-benefitting nonprofits by donating at either or

More information about Black Philanthropy Month and Give 8/28 can be found here.

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