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The Therapy Place Establishes After School Program Thanks to Aflac Charitable Fund at CCCF

The Therapy Place implemented TTP Connections After School Program with funding from an Aflac grant through Central Carolina Community Foundation. The after school program has run four 12-week sessions so far and focuses on developing social and life skills in special needs children.

“Our families have been extremely pleased with the program, knowing that the lessons and skills being worked on were created by the teachers and therapists who are familiar with their child’s goals and challenges,” said Dawn Darby, co-founder and executive director.

The Therapy Place works to give all special needs children the opportunity to pursue their goals, realize their dreams and reach their full potential while giving every parent or caregiver of those children information, resources and encouragement to best support their child.

Through the after school program, children were exposed to various social situations through lessons that involved cooking, board games, playground play, soccer and crafting. At the end of each session, the children took part in a bowling party so they could continue socializing with their new friends.The initiative is designed for children to work on their skills and therapeutic goals in a fun and social manner. While the children did not feel like they were working, lessons were prepared daily by pediatric therapists and special education teachers based on the goals that parents and therapists had set in therapy plans.

While special needs children do not always receive the same social and play time as their peers, this program creates those types of opportunities. For example, “Soccer Shots” is a time for children to experience the sport in a safe and supportive manner as therapists make sure they are successfully utilizing their skills.

The Aflac grant is especially important because the delivery format the program falls under is not billable to insurance. Due to the grant, The Therapy Place is able to fund the staff time to provide this much needed program.

The last session of TTP Connections After School Program will begin September 13, but this time kids will have the opportunity to play soccer alongside volunteers who are players for the Columbia, SC United Heat semi-pro team. The session will end October 15 with a “scrimmage” and a pizza party.

“We are so very thankful for the funds to be able to offer this program,” said Darby. “We have been able to watch children break out of their shy shells, learn new life skills and celebrate successes with their peers.”

The social and life skills developed through this program are necessary to lead happy and productive lives. Through the Aflac grant, nonprofits like The Therapy Place are able to provide these skills and make a meaningful impact upon community members’ lives.Aflac prides itself on being a part of each of the communities its team members call home. Aflac Group’s grant program focuses on supporting organizations with a local perspective. The Aflac grants committee is comprised of a group of community-minded employee volunteers. Central Carolina Community Foundation staff provides administrative support for the Aflac grants committee and the Aflac Charitable fund.

To learn more about Central Carolina Community Foundation’s grant with Aflac visit here.