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Tiffany Freeman-Holston’s commitment to philanthropy

Some voices echo louder than others, commanding attention and overshadowing some. This dynamic can result in underrepresented voices being unheard. 

Tiffany Freeman-Holston, who grew up in Denmark, South Carolina, knows firsthand what it is like to feel unseen, underrecognized and unheard. 

Tiffany attended South Carolina State University as an undergraduate student. During her time there, she experienced the goodness of others, which significantly impacted her. 

Since then, she has dedicated her life to supporting and uplifting the voices of the unseen through her philanthropy and her work as an attorney, driven by a desire to pay forward the help she once received. 

“Giving is just what I do; it is what I enjoy,” said Tiffany. “Once you start getting involved with philanthropy, it is so rewarding that you want to continue doing it.” 

Champions Community Involvement

Today, Tiffany is the senior public policy counsel at BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina. 

BlueCross encourages its employees to be philanthropically minded and actively involved in nonprofit organizations from the start of their time at the company. 

“They want you to seek organizations that you have a passion for and support your involvement in them,” said Tiffany.  

Leading By Example

Tiffany serves as the board chair at SC Thrive, a nonprofit organization that helps South Carolinians create stable homes for themselves physically, emotionally and financially. 

“BlueCross has been supportive of my involvement with SC Thrive, being flexible with my work schedule so that I can attend board meetings. They have also become a community partner with SC Thrive,” said Tiffany. 

The Power of Collective Action

Since 2014, BlueCross has been a Central Carolina Community Foundation corporate sponsor. 

BlueCross is sponsoring the Board Leadership Prize for its sixth year, awarding $13,000 to 13  nonprofits randomly drawn from the gifts given by board members during early giving.  

This prize was created to recognize the numerous BlueCross employees who volunteer and serve on nonprofit boards across the Midlands. 

“A lot of the time, with everyone involved in their own philanthropy, things can get disconnected,” said Tiffany. “You cannot do it individually, but you can do it together.” 

Join Tiffany and BlueCross on May 7 to support the more than 600 nonprofit organizations participating in this year’s Midlands Gives Day.