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Together, we are stronger: CCCF deploys grant to Maui Strong Fund

On Aug. 8, Lahaina, Maui, a place of beauty, culture, and rich history, was devastated by wildfires. More than 2,200 buildings were damaged or destroyed. More tragically, over 100 people lost their lives. Despite this destruction, the community demonstrated remarkable resilience and unity. Neighbors helped one another, and support poured in from across Hawaii and the mainland.

A massive recovery effort to clean up and begin rebuilding the affected areas of Maui is now underway. It will take years of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebuild Lahaina.

South Carolinians are, unfortunately, all too aware of the devastating long-term effects of disasters. While most families and communities have rebuilt and recovered from the havoc caused by the 1000-year flood as a result of Hurricane Joaquin in 2015, Hurricane Matthew in 2016, and Hurricane Florence in 2018, many still struggle, as recovery from these violent storms takes multiple years and a tremendous wealth of resources.

Central Carolina Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees and staff know first-hand the efforts needed for Maui to recover. As the administrators of the One SC Fund – our State’s philanthropic disaster response fund, we’ve provided grants to nonprofit organizations facilitating relief and recovery after state-declared disasters. The fund has been activated four times, three in response to hurricanes and flooding and once in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and has awarded over $10,506,375 through 333 grants.

We have learned through experience that grant dollars raised and awarded months and years after a disaster are critical to a community’s ability to rebuild. That is why the board has approved a grant to Maui Strong, the disaster fund managed by the Hawaii Community Foundation.        

Community Foundations are vital partners during and after disaster strikes. We know our communities and foster relationships with organizations trusted by those they serve. We ensure that funds are deployed to nonprofit organizations that will have a critical impact. Please join us in supporting the people of Maui with a donation to Maui Strong.


Cory Manning
Chair of the Board of Trustees

JoAnn Turnquist
President and CEO